Meet Your Photographer - Shawna Shotwell

Hey ladies! So its about time you meet your photographer! Before I decided to get Blush Boudoir up and going, I wanted to have my own Boudoir shoot. I wanted to know how it feels to be on the other end of the camera, and I wanted to feel beautiful. This was a big step for me since I have changed so much since my husband and I met 14 years ago... Three kids, lots of stretch marks, and plenty of extra weight... equals a not so great self image. So I asked my best friend, Shawn, my husband and fellow photographer, to photograph me. I was super nervous and self conscience at first and kept thinking, "this is the wrong angle" and "there's no way to hide my problem areas"... Its one thing to photograph someone else, where I have total control and know how the angles look ect, but its a completely different world to be the vulnerable one... Within no time, I relaxed and let go and let him lead me. Afterwards, he didn't let me see the images until he was done, and all I can say is wow! I was so happy and surprised and I felt so beautiful. I am so happy that he loves these images too, but I didn't do this for him. I did this for me! I wanted to feel sexy and I wanted to take my body back!! It is such an empowering experience!! So to all my ladies that are shy or feeling that you could never do this or afraid of letting assured, I have been where you are and you will not regret this! Embrace Yourself and Let Go!